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Who Am I?
Piyush Dance Academy is my dream which come true on date May 29th 1998. The place where my academy sprang up firstly was at Kalyan. As years passed on the dreams look the picture as the fact in my life. The fact which I love, respect & owe every minute of life. I really enjoy exploring & shaping hidden talent of my students.

The students of my dance academy inspite of their burdens of studies, school take a lot of interest, efforts & also co-operate me to present dance shows & competitions etc.

The dance academy was started up with objectives of giving a solid platform to a kind of develop & enhance their personality, dance, academy also gives them a stage to perform & participate in various dance shows so as to diminish their stage fear giving rise to a confident personality.

We believe that everybody in this world is born with extraordinary talent, you just need to explore and nourish it. piyush dance academy is ready to take the responsibility and now the name says it all.

i have met very few person in my life who have inspired me. it was my family, my staff & most of all my mom, who opened up my mind as a dancer.

She thought me the importance of kindness & Patience apart from everything else she have been a source of inspiration & strength.

So bt grace of god & you all I hope my academy do the best in future.

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