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Piyush Dance Academy is a premium dance institute in the city. Piyush Dance Academy is a self sufficient, self contained stronghold for creativity and dance education. Studio would include Multiple AV & Lecture Rooms, Library & Research Room, the Dance Lab for Choreographic experimentation, so it altogether walik in Dance Museum which educate the lay person about the history of legendary dancers and dance styles, Rest Rooms, Showers, Locker Room, Gymnasium, Canteen, Auditorium, Silent Zone for meditation, space for open air area for discussion and talks, Rooms for senior and visiting faculty. The structure will be contained within a space complete with a parking lot and a campus that lends itself to creativity. From professional coursed to open classes from choreographic experimentation to creative expression, from lectures to dance research and development of dancers. These walls will contain a world of Dance, tapping into its every aspect.

Intensive Course (Star in Market)
One year intensive dance certification program ( SIM) gives dance enthusiasts a platform to train and learn the fundamentals of dance.Its various forms and the intricacies. Through the course fo 1 year, the SIM focuses on extensive training offering a wide array of dance styles with a special focus on " Piyush's Style", giving them a wholesome experience and at a professional level access to global opportunities. With exceptional faculty, holistic curriculum and innovative teaching methods, the highlight of the course is master classes conducted by Piyush himself, training them in "Piyush Style", ballet modern contemporary , jazz, hip-hop, salsa, broadway), Malakhamb, yoga, dance therapy, backstage and production, show management.
Ensuring dance classes throughout the year, Piyush Dance Academy holds short term samplers and workshops in various styles.

These samplers included the following categories:
  • Introduce to new styles
  • Specialized focus on a particular style
  • Training by celebs and experienced faculty
  • Special career guidance by celebrities
Special Batch
Dance lover who want to grow and enhance their dancing talent to the cor, want to explore all areas of dance and groom themselves to professional level, SPB in the perfect exposure in ads commercials, albums, reality show, movies, serials, promotions events and many more. Their duration ranges from six to twelve classes and ensure that student get an overall outline of the dance style.
We have proper studio spaces with the prerequisites such as mirrors,appropriate space,changing rooms.
  • Acting / Theatre
  • Lavish 5000 sq ft Studio with mirror frames
  • Well furnished & A/C studio
  • Well qualified Trainers
  • Provide chance in TV, Dance Reality Shows, Ads & Albums
  • The only classes to train 24 months toddlers & Babies
  • Library - Dance World
  • Cafeteria
  • Gymnastics
  • Music & Singing Class
  • Mini Auditorium
  • Light Designing
  • Lavish Studios on rent for Birthday parties, official meetings and many more...
The well furnished studio spaces are few and too expensive for most young dancers to afford. Even most of the "so called" studios which do not provide the correct kind of floor. In the long run takes its toll on the dancers's health, causing serious damage especially to the prone body parts, like the knees, thus cutting short a dancer's shelf life!

But here in Piyush Dance Studio we take proper care of all the facilities to avoid such unprofessional hindrances. Piyush Dance Academy sources out top of the line teachers, from cities, with a sound knowledge of their discipline and a wealth of teaching experience.

Piyush's Dance Academy

Kalyan (W)
Khadakpada, B-ward, Opp.Cinemax Theatre,
Below Talwalkars.
Phone: 9819958890 / 8080605556.

Piyush's Dance Academy

Dombivali (E)
Brahman Sabha Hall,
Phadke Road.
Phone: 9819958890 / 8080605556.

Piyush's Dance Academy

Kalyan (W)
Sai Krupa Apt, near Sai Baba Temple,
Near Heritage Hotel Ramdaswadi Syndicate Kalyan West
Phone: 9819958890 / 8080605556.

Piyush's Dance Academy

Above Dominos
Next to Venus Petrol Pump UNR Camp - 4
Phone: 9819958890 / 8080605556.

Piyush's Dance Studio

Dombivili East
Above Chintamani Jewellers Phadke Road
Phone: 9819958890 / 8080605556.

Piyush's Dance Academy

Andheri (W)
K.D.S School, 7 Bunglow's.
Phone: 9819958890 / 8080605556.

Piyush's Dance Academy

GOL Maidan UNR 1
Somaya Hall
Opp Sant Nirankari Satsung Hall,
Phone: 9819958890 / 8080605556.


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